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How to Keep Investments in Firm’s IT under Control?

08.10.2012 09:12 | Articles

Or “All (block-, file- and object-) rnData on One Platform”


01.03.2012 12:33 | Articles

Hitachi Content Archive platform (HCAP) is a new way of creating and working with long-standing data archives with solid contents. It is designed so it may be easily integrated into existing environment of advanced data storages.

Dynamic Provisioning – No-limit Capacity

01.03.2012 12:32 | Articles

Disk array and centralization of company data into one reliable device is a very efficient way to economies and reliability. But it is only the first step and the practice shows that in spite of all advantages of disk array there may be a huge waste of capacity and investments, which had to be made in connection of disk array purchase. How this waste happens and what the solution is and what actually Dynamic Provisioning is – read the following.

Disk array – performance?

01.03.2012 12:08 | Articles

A frequently asked question when choosing disk array is a requirement of performance comparison.

Laptop Backup by Deduplication

01.03.2012 10:00 | Articles

Data change their value and take the significance. Number of companies realizes that and the primary problem is not the loss or steal of laptop anymore. The main problem is loss of data.